Willmar Poultry Employment Opportunities

At WPC we employ people with a large variety of skills and education ranging from professionals with PhDs to basic farm labor. Farm positions are labor intensive and provide year-round work hours. The most skilled labor positions have earning potential similar to construction employment.

Our team is fundamental to our success. The strengths of each team member (strengths = skills (learned) + experience + talent (natural abilities)) are what drive our company. We are continually seeking people who have the right strengths to add value to the WPC team. Individuals with strengths in breeding and hatching are particularly desired. We encourage anyone who has strengths that are applicable to our business who finds meaning in honorable, agricultural work to contact us to discuss career opportunities.

To review current work opportunities and the appropriate income potentials, please follow the imbedded link to get more information regarding Current Opportunities.

A Management Trainee program was recently developed to provide individuals with skills that fit WPC’s breeding and hatching business an opportunity to expand their skills and grow as a member and a leader of the WPC team. Interested individuals should click on the following link to get more information regarding the Willmar Poultry Management Trainee program.

Please visit our HR management page at LSI to contact us about employment opportunities. Click here.