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Willmar Poultry Farms began as Willmar Poultry Company’s farm operations, including breeder lay and commercial grow out farms. In the 1960s, WPF incorporated as a separate company. In the 1980s, WPC brought the breeding side of the business back under its umbrella, while WPF retained the commercial grow out side. WPF grows turkeys for sister company Turkey Valley Farms.

Like so many of our affiliated companies, Farm Service Elevator was born of local demand for high quality, affordable turkey farming products. In response, WPC and several other investors bought Farm Service Elevator in 1954; shortly afterward, WPC bought out the other investors and incorporated FSE as an independent company. Farm Service Elevator produces feed for  independent hog, chicken, and turkey growers in the area. It currently processes 6 million bushels of corn a year, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of WPF.

In the early days of Willmar Poultry Company’s history, its founders successfully recruited and convinced local farmers to begin raising turkeys. Because the industry was so new, those growers often found themselves at the mercy of suppliers’ high prices for equipment and medication. As a response, WPC began wholesaling some equipment and medical supplies out of its hatchery. In 1955, PALS (Poultry And Livestock Supplies) formed as a separate company to specialize in supplying equipment and medication needed by local growers to raise their birds. Eventually, PALS expanded out of poultry to include equipment for the area hog industry. PALS also refers to our propane company.

WilPro, Inc. is involved in the contracting of turkeys for grow-out and sells live turkeys raised by contract growers to commercial processing companies.  Activities are primarily with growers in Minnesota and the surrounding trade area.